One of the new trends in business computing is called virtulization. Mike Lang , the C-E-O of Alliance Technologies and a member of the Technology Association of Iowa board of directors, says virtulization involves putting hardware for computers in one place that’s shared.

He says you could put it on a machine where you only have to access the amount of harddrive or memory that you need at that instant, so you could virtulize 100 or 200 machines on a daily basis. There are software programs available to allow you to virtulize and run only the minimum amount of hardware you need to run your applications. Lang says there are many benefits companies can achieve in this way.

He says you can reduce costs, save money, save power, as the shareholders always seem to be a little more happy when you can reduce power and save money, and virtulization of hardware seems to be a way to do that. Lang says the savings can add up. He says a large company with 10,000 desktops and many networks and servers running large-scale applications, could save a lot of energy and hardware expense by virtulizing applications. Lang says virtulization is another way companies can cut costs in these tough economic times.