Republican Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley says he’s looking forward to today’s speech from the new Democratic president, as Grassley hopes they’ll share a lot of common ground and common goals. Grassley says Barack Obama has made many overtures toward bipartisanship and partnership.

Grassley says, "When I hear people talking about accountability and responsibility and pulling together, that sounds not just bipartisan coming from a Democrat, that sounds very Republican, based upon the principles that we have." He says those ideals include the mindset that government isn’t a solution to everything.

Grassley says, "We all have to work together and have faith in the system and it reminds me that when we’re in problems like we are now in an economic recession, we’re going to come through this, and the presidency of Barack Obama and working with people in the Congress may make a difference."

Grassley says he will attend today’s inaugural ceremony. On the balcony immediately behind the president, there will be a couple of rows of cabinet officials, then several more rows of senators, and that’s where Grassley will be seated. He says he’ll be toward the front of the flock of senators, given his seniority.

"It’s going to be very cold, so I’ll have a hat on. You may not recognize me because I seldom wear a hat," Grassley says. "You may see me with a camera because I’m going to be taking pictures for my website." Events are due to begin around 11 AM Central time. Estimates for the crowd gathered in Washington D.C. for the ceremony range from 1.2-million to 3 million.