The state auditor has issued a report that concludes the former head of the Cedar Rapids Veterans Memorial Commission mishandled over $15,000, partly by overpaying himself, partly by withdrawing cash from a special account. Gary Craig was director of the Cedar Rapids Veterans Memorial Commission. He was placed on administrative leave in October of 2007.

He resigned in March of last year. He was also the treasurer of a non-profit group called "Valor" which was formed to raise money to fix up mobile homes for low-income or homeless veterans. The state audit concluded Craig made over $10,000 of improper withdrawals from accounts for the two organizations.

The audit found Craig was essentially doubly up on his hours — reporting at least 162 hours when he was working the non-profit as hours he was simultaneously working for the city’s commission. The city paid him about $5,000 for that work. The audit’s now in the hands of state and local prosecutors.