The former top executive at the Agriprocessors meatpacking plant in Postville is expected to be released from jail Thursday. A federal judge ruled this morning that Sholom Rubashkin should be released from custody on $500,000 bond while he awaits trial on charges of bank fraud and helping illegal immigrants obtain false documents. He was arrested in connection with last May’s immigration raid on the kosher meatpacking plant.

Rubaskin’s been in jail since November 14th. His attorney, Guy Cook, praised the ruling from U.S. District Court Judge Linda Reade. "Justice has prevailed today and Judge Reade, carefully considering the evidence, has protected this man’s constitutional rights," Cook told reporters in Cedar Rapids.

Prosecutors argued that Rubashkin might flee the country. Cook insists his client is ready and willing to defend himself against the charges. "This man was not a flight risk when he was arrested and he’s not a flight risk now," Cook said. "He’s not a coward. He wants to face these charges and he will do so."

Judge Reade has ordered Rubashkin to wear an electronic monitoring bracelet. In addition, his travel is restricted to Allamakee County and he and his family are to surrender their passports and birth certificates. Cook says he is considering filing a motion for a change of venue. Rubashkin is scheduled to go on trial in Cedar Rapids on September 8th.