Iowa Senator Tom Harkin says there is currently more than $1.5 billion for Iowa in the economic stimulus package that’s being developed in the U.S. Senate. 

Harkin, a Democrat, issued a statement saying the senate "must act quickly and boldly" on the package. Harkin’s staff released a list of "approximate investments" that may come Iowa’s way if the senate version of the bill becomes law.

The biggest chunk of money — $389 million — would go to Iowa’s highway fund and another $46 million would be spent on mass transit systems in Iowa. Another major allotment in the Senate’s stimulus package would send just over $112 million for federal nutrition programs that are administered by the Iowa Department of Human Services.

Harkin indicates some of the federal money would help backfill the state treasury so state budget cuts won’t have to go so deep.

You can read the entire list here .