The Iowa Department of Elder Affairs is seeking out residents of the state who have hit or will soon hit the century mark for birthdays. Department spokesman Joel Wulf says they want to honor the centenarians at the upcoming Iowa Governor’s Conference on Aging.

Wulf says they’re asking anyone who knows of a friend or family member that has or will reach their 100th birthday by May 31st to call the department at 515- 725-3333 or toll free 1-800-532-3213. Wulf says the department keeps a registry of known centenarians.

Wulf says their records show 613 Iowans centenarians that they know of. He says it’s not a scientific survey as people self report their age. Wulf says they do know there are about 114 Iowans who are age 105 or older. Wulf says the centenarians are honored each year at the conference.

Wulf says the goal of the conference is to provide information to older Iowans, and any other Iowan who is interested aging issues. Wulf says they want to hear from anyone who is 100 or over, even if they can’t make it to the conference.

He says those centenarians who can’t attend the conference can still contact the governor’s office and let them know their date of birth and they will still get recognition from the governor. Wulf says their records of centenarians shows there are 523 women and 90 men.