Tough economic times have hit the Council Bluffs Daily Nonpareil. Publisher Tom Schmitt says in an effort to manage rising costs, they are cutting back on the number of days each week they print.

"We are suspending, for an indefinite period of time, the print version of our Monday paper. We will print Tuesday through Sunday. We will be on-line all seven days. We will have a Monday on-line edition that will be updated every Monday," Schmitt. Schmitt says they had a difficult decision to make.

Scmitt says, "Like a lot of businesses, our industry is facing economic challenges. Newsprint has gone up 35-percent from last year. We were really faced with two options…. try to pass on the burden of those increases to our readers and our advertisers or find a way to save money for everyone. We chose to save money for everyone." Schmitt says no one lost their job over the decision to suspend the Monday edition.

Schmitt says the reporters will continue to work seven days a week. The editors will continue to edit because we are putting out the on-line addition. The carriers, who are independent contractors, will be delivering one less day a week. Schmitt promises the same amount of news despite the change.