A key legislator says a bill that would make it illegal to use a hand-held cell phone while you’re driving in Iowa is not likely to become law this year.

Some studies indicate cell phone use compromises driving abilities as much as being drunk. But Senator Tom Rielly of Oskaloosa, chairman of the Senate Transportation Committee, says the bill has gotten a lukewarm reception in the Iowa Senate. 

"If we go down this road, is it just going to be cell phones or should we ban texting, or should we require seatbelts in front seat and back seat if you’re under the age of 18? Should we require a helmet on a motorcycle? Should we require your headlights being on in the rain? Rielly asks. "And I have some people say, ‘You know, when’s enough enough and when should personal responsibility start kicking in?"

Rielly doubts any of that list of proposals will become law this year. Rielly made his comments on the Iowa Public Radio program, "The Exchange."