Authorities in western Iowa’s Crawford County are investigating the discovery of a body. Sheriff Jim Steinkuehler says the body was found in a deep ditch along a gravel road.

The discovery was made just before 5 p.m. Tuesday in a rural area south of Dow City. Few other details about the case are being released.

"An autopsy will be conducted at the State Medical Examiner’s office in the near future. No additional information will be released at this time," Steinkuehler said at a press conference today.

The sheriff declined to say if the body is that of a male or female or speculate how or when the person may have died. Steinkuehler only added, "If anybody out there knows of anybody missing or anything, please contact the Crawford County Sheriff’s Department by calling 712-263-2146." The Iowa D.C.I. is helping with the investigation.