A 17-year-old from Council Bluffs faces a terrorism charge after allegedly threatening other students on the school bus. Council Bluffs Public School District spokeswoman Diane Ostrowski says the boy was on the bus between Carter Lake and Council Bluffs when other passengers heard the threat.

It was reported this student mentioned a gun and indicated he would use the gun on students, she says. Ostrowski says one of the passengers told a parent about the threat. The parent then called the school to report it, and that is when the school took action. She says, "The school became aware of the incident because of a parent sharing that information with us so that we would investigate it and involve the Carter Lake Police."

Ostrowski says the boy was confronted and questioned and then taken into custody. He is also out of school while the investigation is underway. "Absolutely, we take every report of a threat like this extremely seriously, take all measures to follow through in determining what exactly happened." The teen was arrested Monday. He was attending Thomas Jefferson High School.