The nine rookie Republicans in the Iowa House joined today in introducing a bill which includes a wide array of proposals they say would help grow the state’s economy.

Representative Chris Hagenow of Windsor Heights is among the Republicans who are rookies in the 2009 legislature and he’s touting ideas like a property tax freeze and a new tax deduction for young adults who’re paying back student loans. "This is a positive set of proposals that is a positive, forward-looking approach to growing Iowa’s economy," Hagenow says.

Representative Annette Sweeney, a Republican from Alden, runs a business out of her home and she’s touting a tax credit for telecommuters like herself. "With this legislation that we’re proposing, our goal is to inspire Iowans to be proactive," she said. "Proactive not only just conversing, but proactive in every sense of the word, in getting people back to work, in establishing businesses and also expanding businesses."

Sweeney said she and the eight other rookie Republicans held a news conference at the statehouse today to show Republicans aren’t just the party of opposition, they’re the part of action, too. But Democrats, not Republicans, control the debate agenda in the House and Representative Erik Helland of Grimes concedes he and the other rookie Republicans need Democrats to support the bill to get it to pass. "We think it’s pretty solid policy and we’d invite anyone to pile on board on the bill and start pushing it along through the legislative process," Helland says.