A measure approved by the Iowa Senate today would ease the confidentiality of 9-1-1 calls. Under the bill, a telephone company customer could sign up for a service that alerts a designated person if the customer calls 9-1-1. Senator Brian Schoenjahn, a Democrat from Arlington, says a new technology makes the service possible.

"If you upon your authorization, if one of your family members or relatives makes a 9-1-1 call, that you would be notified that a call was made," Scheonjahn says. Schoenjahn says the content of the call would remain confidential. Under current law, only those providing 9-1-1 service have access to information about callers.

Scheonjahn says, "The company will not tell you the contents of the call but will simply notify you that a call has been made. This is a very good idea." The Senate approved the bill unanimously and sent it on the House. Law enforcement agencies lobbied for the bill.