A manufacturing company is laying off employees at both of its facilities in northwest Iowa. Rosenboom Machine and Tool Human Resources Manager Jack Schreurs says the cuts include 12 permanent and 65 temporary layoffs in Sheldon and 19 permanent and 75 temporary layoffs in Spirit Lake.

"Right now, what we have asked for is voluntary layoffs for three months," Schreurs said. "That’s where the temporaries fall into…we’re hopeful we can pull that back (from three months)." Those temporarily laid off from Rosenboom will continue to receive benefits, but not a paycheck.

Schreurs says, "These layoffs became necessary as part of cost containment measures and those were necessitated by our continued weak economy. We have not lost customers, we have not lost product lines, but we are not receiving orders." Rosenboom laid off 64 employees in late January and now has just under 300 workers.