Cedar Rapids voters approved a one-percent increase in their sales tax Tuesday that’s expected to bring in millions of dollars for flood recovery. The tax hike passed with nearly 60% of the vote.

Mayor Kay Halloran says okaying the tax sends a strong message that those in Cedar Rapids are willing to help each other recover. Mayor Halloran says, "We are a community and the people of Cedar Rapids are willing to help their friends and neighbors who are hurting and I am proud of that."

The tax will take effect April 1st and is expected to generate 18-million dollars a year for five years.  Dale Todd, co-chair of a group that supports the tax, says the extra money will help speed up Cedar Rapids’ flood recovery.

Todd says, "This is a small step in the process and a journey but it’s hopefully one that will help get this community back on its feet."

Five of the 15 Linn County communities turned the tax down, including Center Point, Hiawatha, Marion, Robins and Walford. The extra tax will not be collected in those towns, but it also means they will not receive any additional sales tax revenue.

Voters in Johnson County will vote on a similar tax hike proposal May 5th.