Purdue coach Matt Painter admits he can’t properly pronounce some of the names of the University of Northern Iowa players — but says not because he isn’t aware of what they can do.

Painter says UNI has good balance, skill level, size and quickness. He says the Panthers have been more of a traditional halfcourt team in the past, but he’s been impressed with their ability to push the ball and look for points in transition.

Painter says there’s not a team he can think of that his team has played that compares with UNI. He describes them using "toughness" as he says they are a tough defensive team that doesn’t beat themselves and he is impress with how Panther coach Ben Jacobson has gotten them to play so hard.

The 5th seeded Boilermakers play 12th seeded UNI Thursday at 1:30 in the first round of the NCAA in Portland, Oregon.