It’s only the fourth full day of Spring and already severe weather is hitting Iowa. National Weather Service meteorologist Miles Schumacher says there are several reports of likely tornado strikes on Monday night.

There were one or two touchdowns in southwest Iowa in Cass and Harrison counties in the Cumberland area. A 54-car Union Pacific freight trail derailed near the town of Missouri Valley, where an unoccupied house was demolished by the twister’s winds. There are also reports of wind or tornado damage in Montgomery and Adair counties, all in the southwest corner of the state.

Schumacher says a team of experts will be looking over the damage this morning. Schumacher says a crew will make a trip to the area affected after sunrise but the sheriff says there was some damage to farmsteads, with a few grain bins and grain bins destroyed, there’s some tree damage, but no body was reported hurt in Iowa.

Eight injuries were reported last night in Nebraska as vehicles were hit by flying debris in a possible tornado near the town of Eagle, just east of Lincoln. Strong winds and heavy rain have buffeted parts of Iowa overnight, raising flooding risks. About a dozen counties in south and central Iowa are under Flood Watches or Warnings. Schumacher says there may be a touch of winter returning to the state by later in the week.

Flooding is also a threat in southern and eastern Iowa, though by week’s end, cold air may be returning with the possibility for snow. Blizzard Warnings are in effect for parts of western Nebraska, Montana, Wyoming and South Dakota. Parts of the Black Hills may get 40 inches of snow.