Officials with the National Weather Service toured Cass County on Tuesday in the aftermath of Monday’s severe storm. The Weather service says two E-F-zero tornadoes touched down in the southeastern part of the county.

According to their final damage and incident report issued late Tuesday afternoon, the event began at around 8:10 P.M., from around three-miles east-southeast of Lyman, to about two-miles west of Cumberland, and then another short track from about two-miles south of Wiota.

The Weather Service typically rates tornados on the Enhanced Fujita Scale, with an E-F Zero packing winds of 65-to 85-miles per hour. Winds from the twisters that hit Cass County peaked at 85-miles per hour, and they left a path anywhere from 25-to 50-yards wide.

The first tornado tracked for about five miles, while the second lasted for only about a mile. No injuries were reported. Damage was primarily limited to a roof, some grain bins, outbuildings and trees.