Iowa Senator Tom Harkin says he doesn’t see many problems with the budget proposed by fellow Democrat President Barack Obama. Harkin says he thought the president’s budget was right on target, although the senate is making some changes.

"We are sort of arguing on the edges here, because most of what the president wanted is in our budget," Harkin says. Harkin says he would have liked to have seen more of the budget savings come from the defense department, but does agree that there should not be any more money put into the so-called "TARP" bail out programs. The president visited with senate democrats Wednesday to talk about the budget.

Harkin says the president was very strong on the fact they have to pass healthcare reform this year, and within this Congress do something to strengthen education and also moving to renewable, clean energy. Harkin says the president told Democrats that as long as they continue working toward the same principles, they’ll be able to come up with a budget both can agree on.