Severe flooding in North Dakota has residents along the Missouri River in Iowa and Nebraska wondering what impact they’ll see. Gary Brown, the Woodbury County disaster services director, says flooding up north likely won’t bother anyone in the Sioux City area.

"We’re just fine," Brown says. "The ground’s thawed out, the grass is coming out, any rain that falls will soak into the ground." Brown says spring storms can bring heavy rain in a short period of time, which is why his team is keeping a close eye on area creeks and tributaries.

He says: "The community has, over the years, made great strides to try to fix a lot of the flood hazards, but we still have some. Depending on the amount of rain, even those tributaries that’ve had work done on them can be a problem."

Brown encourages residents to keep trash away from the creeks and tributaries, as that would create unnecessary problems downstream.