It’s been nearly a year since federal agents raided the Agriprocessors plant in Postville, rounding up nearly 400 illegal immigrants. Sonia Parras is a Des Moines attorney who’s helping to represent some of those people at no charge.

"We’re currently representing about 52 immigrants," Parras says. They’re seeking a remedy for immigrants who are "victims of specific crimes of violence that are helping the law enforcement and the prosecutors in the investigation or prosecution of their cases."

Despite the wide publicity surrounding last May’s Postville raid, Parras says the state and federal governments are doing all they can to help the immigrant population. "Immigrants are abused and are deprived of their employment rights and because of their fear of immigration consequences, if they are to report the crimes, they just endure these crimes in silence."

Parras spoke last night in Webster City. Her appearance was sponsored by the Hamilton County League of Women Voters.