A Cedar Rapids police officer was seriously injured early this morning while investigating a robbery. Cedar Rapids police say officer Tim Davis and partner Tracy Brumbaugh were working in a neighborhood in an unmarked car and plain clothes when they got a call reporting someone had been robbed at gunpoint by three men.

The officers responded to the call and arrived in the area to find three black males matching the description of the alleged robbers. They identified themselves as police officers and two of the men took off running. Officer Brumbaugh chased the two men, who eventually split up and lost her. Police then received a report of a man who was out of breath and sitting on a porch in the area. Officers then arrived found officer Davis at his car and unconscious.

Davis was taken to a Cedar Rapids hospital and then flown to Iowa City where he was to undergo surgery for a head injury. Police later identified Robert Lee Watkins the third as the man spotted in the area and arrested him and charge him with first-degree robbery and interference with official acts causing serious injury.

Police are asking for the public’s help in identifying the other two men. Cedar Rapids Police Chief Greg Graham released this statement:

"Our department will not stop searching until we find these individuals responsible for Officer Davis’ injuries. It is going to be in their best interest to turn themselves into us, because we will not stop. "I ask that any citizen that knows anything about this, please come forward. If this was your son or brother or husband, you would want them held accountable, just as we do. This is a crime not only against Officer Davis, but against our community, as that is what Officer Davis was doing, protecting our community."