The worst prank played on Iowans on this April Fool’s Day may be the one that comes via e-mail. Over the past few years, April 1st has brought technology termoil to millions of computer users and this year is expected to bring more of the same.

Computer tech Mark Sommerfeld says your best defense is common sense. "If it seems too good to be true, it is," Sommerfeld says. "Don’t open e-mails from people you don’t know and don’t go to sites you’re unfamiliar with." April Fool’s Day is notorious for the sending of not-so-funny computer viruses and worms, so he says to think prevention.

"The best thing a consumer can do is make sure their system is up-to-date," he says. "Run Windows updates and have an up-to-date antivirus program." One worm making the rounds today is called "Conficker" and it blocks PCs from accessing the antivirus vendors’ and Microsoft’s websites. For more information about it, visit: