Le Mars Mayor Dick Kirchoff “hopped” on a Siouxland Regional Transit bus on Wednesday dressed in a bunny suit, to encourage residents to take advantage of the city’s new hourly bus route service.

“I joined the bus ride at a senior center bus stop with a bag of carrots in hand,” the mayor said. Kirkchoff said he came out of his office recently and a council member and the assistant city administrator, who spearheaded the bus route program, told him they had gotten him a new promotion.

They said, “You are going to be dressed up as the Easter Bunny to promote the city bus routes.” The mayor also said its unlikely that he will replace Wells’ Blue Bunny’s logo.

Mayor Kirchoff said ridership started out slow when the service began in January but has been picking up. The bus makes stops at over 25 locations in Le Mars each hour. The cost of a ride is $1.00.