Parkersburg has been in rebuilding mode since a massive tornado destroyed part of the northeast Iowa town last May. This week, volunteers are replacing two playgrounds that were battered by the mile-wide twister.

Amy Truax, a member of the Parkersburg Recovery Committee and the Rebuild Iowa Commission, says the recovery efforts have been remarkable. Truax says, "The comment you hear over and over again is that towns just don’t rebuild like Parkersburg is rebuilding."

Volunteers will start installing playground equipment Thursday at Schwartz Memorial Park and Truax says they have all the volunteers they’ll need for this week. She says, "People that’ve volunteered, we’d like them to be there at 8 o’clock to get everything ready and then get dirty right away."

Work will run from 8 AM until dark Thursday through Saturday. Volunteers will also be needed for the April 22nd installation of playground equipment at Miracle Park. To volunteer, call 319-346-9853.