There’s apparently gridlock between the executive and legislative branches of state government.

Democrat Governor Chet Culver and Democrats who control the legislature’s debate agenda cannot agree on the governor’s proposal to borrow money for infrastructure projects. Culver was in Iowa City this afternoon, miles away from the capitol, when he issued this ultimatum.

"At this point, I’m not willing to compromise on any part of it," Culver said.

According to the governor, he’s already agreed to reduce the amount money the state would borrow for road construction projects from the $250 million he originally proposed to $100 million — and that would be used exclusively for repair of city and county roads that were damaged by last year’s flooding.

"The cities and counties across this state desperately need money for roads and bridges that were damaged because of the floods," Culver said in Iowa City. "So I’m going to fight for those cities and counties that need basic things, like gravel."

Both Democrats and Republicans in the legislature have resisted the idea of borrowing money for transportation projects.

Tomorrow is the last day legislators will receive a daily stipend to cover some of the expense of living and working away from home in Des Moines. Lawmakers cut their expense payments as a means of reducing spending in the legislative branch.