There are just two days left before the deadline to file your Iowa tax returns. Iowa Department of Revenue spokesperson, Renee Mulvey, says for most people it’s not a worry. She says the vast majority of Iowans have filed their returns, as she says most file along with their federal returns on April 15th even though they have until April 30th.

Mulvey says the Iowa tax rules are different from the federal rules. Mulvey says some people are not required to file a federal return, but are still required to file an Iowa return.

And she says if you’ve filed for a federal earned income credit, but you have never filed and Iowa return, you may want to file and Iowa return to get a state earned income credit. Mulvey advises e-filing to get things processed quickly.

Mulvey says it is always better to e-file if you have a refund coming, as you will get your refund in 10 days or less and it can be directly deposited to your bank. Mulvey says some people still use paper returns, and they should be careful. Mulvey says the simple mistakes — like forgetting to sign your return — will slow down the process.

So Mulvey says,"Do the math and sign you return." Mulvey says some one-point-two million people have already filed their taxes electronically, and some 137,000 have filed paper returns. For more information on you state taxes, check the Department Revenue’s website ..