There was plenty of excitement at the Mall of the Bluffs in Council Bluffs Tuesday afternoon. Around 12:45, there were reports of a man armed with a gun entering the mall. Immediately, the mall went into lockdown and parts were evacuated. These women were a witness to the whole thing.

“All of a sudden, she sees this guy go running out of Christopher and Banks is shutting their doors, we look down and she says ‘Oh my God, Dillard’s doors are shut.'” “A cop comes down the corner with an M-16 screaming for us to lock our doors and get back.”

Two area schools were also put into lockdown due their location near the mall. Omaha Police were called to assist and trained dogs were called into assist in searching for the gunman. The mayhem continued until 1:30 when the all clear was given.

Council Bluffs Police say the suspect was a man who walked into a Skeeter Barnes restaurant with an umbrella over his shoulder. Authorities say he was minding his own business and was never a threat to anyone. The mall reopened around 2 p.m.