Callie Clow is a high school student at Lineville-Clio. She was nominated by teacher Pat Marolf.

“Callie, a student of mine in middle school, was looking for a work study position for her senior year.  It was suggested she work in the elementary library which is across from my classroom.  As we have only a part-time librarian, it fell to me to supervise her on a daily basis.  She spends one period every day in the library doing all the basic library chores; she cards books, keeps the shelves in order, and reads to the younger students on occasion.  Callie does all of this with a smile on her face and a willingness to do whatever is asked of her.

Callie is a very good student but will probably not be one recognized for her superior scholastic ability, as her class has many with excellent academic records.

Callie is polite and courteous, dependable and reliable, and is just a very nice young lady.  I would love to see her receive recognition for her work in keeping our elementary library functioning as it should.”

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