The Iowa men’s basketball team has been practicing this week for an upcoming trip overseas. The Hawkeyes leave Friday for Rome and will play four games in Italy and Greece. Their first game will be on Sunday.

Iowa coach Todd Lickliter says it is a good time for a trip like this. He says they postponed it the first few years he was here and says this is a good time for the trip, as it gives the players something to focus on.

Lickliter says the players have been working hard to get ready, working with the strength coach to get stronger. Incoming freshman cannot be part of the trip and Lickliter says for that reason the month of May was the best time to schedule the trip.

Lickliter says he didn’t want the new players to come in, and then they would split up, and then get back together for summer activities. This way he says they will take the trip and then work with the new players as they come in. Four players left the team at the end of this past season so only seven players will be available.