Sage Rosenfels is trying to learn a new system and avoid speculation on Brett Favre at the same time. The Maquoketa native and former Iowa State quarterback is competing for the starting job in Minnesota after being traded to the Vikings from the Houston Texans. There is a chance that Favre may come out of retirement, again, and sign with the Vikings for the upcoming season.

Rosenfels says there’s only so many things he can control in life and he can’t control what Favre does. He says he just keeps working to learn the offense. Rosenfels says it’s never discussed by players as it’s not something they can control.

Rosenfels is entering his ninth season in the NFL and is happy to be closer to home. He says being back in the midwest is great, as his parents can now drive to see him. Before he says they had to take flights to see him in Miami or Houston. And he says it’s a good team with several veterans back from the team that went 10-6 last year.

Rosenfels is competing with Tavares Jackson for the starting job. He says Jackson can help him with certain things in the offense and he can help Jackson with other things. Rosenfels says the competition can only help the football team.