A Des Moines man is charged with assault and attempted murder after police say he repeatedly stabbed his 40-year-old mother early this morning. Sergeant Lori Lavorato says officers were called to the mother’s home at 2:30 a.m. and found 22-year-old Deshawn Davis outside the back door.

"The officer said he had a very distant look in his eyes," Lavorato said. Davis was ordered to the ground and placed in handcuffs before officers entered the home and found Davis’ mother. Her name is not being released. She told police that her son first attacked her with a knife just before midnight.

"They had been having some issues and she’d been hiding from him under a table," Lavorato said. "Each time she would try to get out from under the table, he would assault her and stab her. Somehow she got to a phone and called a family member." The mother is being treated for multiple stab wounds to the back, hands and arms. Lavorato says the injuries are not considered life-threatening. Investigators found three bloody knives in the home.