Unemployment benefits paid to Iowans are going up starting next month.

Kerry Koonce of Iowa Workforce Development says unemployment benefits are adjusted each year to match up with the average wage paid workers. The average wage went up in 2008, so the maximum benefit for unemployment will go up, too.

Koonce says, for example, the average maximum benefit for someone with one dependent filing a claim after July 5, 2009, would move from $375-a-week to $388-a-week. The increase won’t be added to the benefits of those already getting unemployment. Iowa law allows the increase only for those who file new claims after July 5th.

Koonce says if your 52-week benefits run out, then you could file again and be eligible for the new rate. The increase will vary depending on how much of an unemployment benefit a person is due.

Koonce says there are maximum amounts of benefits, but benefits are also figured on how much money you made while working. She says half of the Iowans who file are eligible for the maximum unemployment benefit.

Benefits paid to injured workers are also going up. The maximum weekly benefit for temporary total disability, healing period, permanent total disability and death will rise to $1413. For permanent partial disability, the weekly maximum will be $1300.

The average annual wage for insured Iowa workers moved from $35,513 in 2007 to $36,732  in 2008.