The wife of a Cedar Rapids Police officer spoke publicly for the first time today since her husband suffered a severe head injury on the job three months ago. Stephanie Davis read a prepared statement and said her husband, Tim, is showing signs of progress, but will never be the same.

"Tim’s ultimate goal is to be able to return to work as a police officer," Stephanie said. "This career has been his dream for as long as I have known him. However, it is not in his near future to return to the Cedar Rapids Police Department." Davis spent 39 days in the hospital after he was hit in the head while investigating an armed robbery on March 29th.

Three teenagers are charged in the robbery, including 17-year-old Jose Rockiett, who is also charged in the assault. Stephanie spoke at a podium as Tim stood behind her wearing a protective helmet needed for his brain injuries. "Tim has no memory of what happened on March 29th," Stephanie said.

"The doctors are not sure if he’ll ever have a memory of the event. I was told that he was hit once in the face with a blunt object when he exited the police car. When he hit the pavement, he fractured the back of his skull. The impact from being hit in the face and his head hitting the pavement, caused his brain to swell and caused bruising to his brain."

Officer Davis is attending physical therapy sessions four times a week. Around 20 major fundraisers have been held in Cedar Rapids to help the Davis family. The Cedar Rapids Gazette estimates those events have raised around $100,000. Members of the Cedar Rapids Police Protective Association say that funds raised beyond what’s needed by the Davis family will go to aid future officers injured in the line of duty.