Former Iowa State quarterback Sage Rosenfels may know soon if he will be a teammate of Brett Favre. The Minnesota Vikings have reportedly given the former Green Bay Packers star a deadline to decide if he wants to come out of retirement for the second straight year.

Rosenfels is learning the Viking offense after being traded from Houston after last season. He says he’s been in a lot of offenses, including a west coast offense where the verbiage is similar, but the routes are different.

Rosenfels is working with former starter Tavares Jackson and trying to learn the offense. Rosenfels says Jackson understands some of the finer details of the offense, but he feels he is already grasping the offense more and more every day.

Rosenfels says he is focused on his job and not what Favre may or may not do. He says it’s not something he thinks about. Rosenfels has been in the National Football League for eight seasons.