N.F.L. star Kurt Warner is trading in his pads and helmet for hammer this week to help build homes in his hometown of Cedar Rapids. Warner’s "First Things First Foundation" and the City of Cedar Rapids are contributing money to the project, but Warner says people don’t have to give money to help out the flood-damaged community.

Warner says, " We all have opportunities to do something. Whether it’s giving money or whether it’s giving your time in some capacity to impact the people around you. I would just want to continue to keep people aware of the situation here and how long it’s going to take to rebuild.

Warner and some 500 volunteers are building 20 homes this week, with half going to single moms , and others to flood victims. Warner says building 20 homes in seven days is a great start to help "rebuild a lot of lives." Mark Andrews is the senior director for Habitat’s U.S. operations.

Andrews says, "For the families that we work with, particularly here, there’s just an immense sense of relief that they actually have a solid place that they’re gonna be able to stay in." Andrews adds that Cedar Rapids was a compelling destination because disaster-stricken communities often have a lack of affordable housing. Warner is in Cedar Rapids to help with the building efforts and for the taping of a new E.S.P.N. show called "Homecoming."