The U.S.D.A. Farm Service Agency and other agricultural organizations have holding an educational webcast tonight  for farmers dealing with implications of the new farm bill. Dan Wells, the county executive director for Adair County says a host of experts will highlight the discussion.

"From F.S.A. we’re going to have Kevin McClure, who’s going to be talking about program eligibility and payment limitations. The actual ACRE program, we’re going to have Chad Hart from Iowa State University, who’s going to be the speaker and talking about that. And then Sterling Liddell from Iowa Farm Bureau is going to be presenting an example of the ACRE program and a crop risk model to go along with that," Wells says, "so hopefully a little more education and a little more information out there for producers to make a decision."

Wells says you can either view the webcast from your home or go to a group viewing at different locations throughout southwest Iowa."Producers can log onto www-dot- iowa farm bureau-dot-com ( from their home computers," Wells says. "If they don’t have computers at home, there’s going to be several locations."

 The farm bill webcast is set for tonight at 7:00 o’clock. For more information about the webcast, you can visit or call your local F.S.A. Office.