A minister who had churches in Council Bluffs, Iowa, and Lincoln, Nebraska, is facing sexual assault charges involving four females. Pottawattamie County Attorney Matt Wilber says one charge against 53-year old Efrain Umana is the sexual assault of a child.

Wilber says: "The most serious charge involves the allegations of inappropriate contact with a little girl who was ten or 11 at the time. That charge alone carries 25 years." Reports say Umana forced the girl to have sex with him inside a room at the Templo Monte Horeb Church in Council Bluffs in 2003.

Wilber says other accusations include Umama forcing another woman to have sex with him inside her home while her husband was away in 2007. He says, "Then that led us to multiple victims so the complaint that we filed alleges four separate incidents." The other two incidents involve women who say Umana forced them to kiss him against their wishes.

Wilber says even though several of these accusations are years old, they are being pursued. "Even when these cases are not reported for some period of time, we will investigate them and if there is enough to go forward, we will go forward," he says. Umana’s church in Lincoln was called Efecios 2:20, the Spanish word for the Bibilcal book of Ephesians.