The U.S. House is set to vote today on a bill that would require more regulation over the nation’s food supply, but it could be awhile before the issue comes up in the U.S. Senate. Iowan Senator Tom Harkin is the chair of the Senate Ag Committee, and says it’s something that is needed.

Harkin says we need to prioritize the prevention and control of food-bourne illness in the U.S., and improve inspections and oversight of food production. Harkin says they’ve had Senate hearings and found loopholes in the system that must be closed. Harkin says they have a lot of other work to do before addressing the food safety issue. He says the have to first deal with healthcare reform, appropriations bills, and also the school food program.

Harkin says he sees the school food program as another part of healthcare reform, making sure there is better and more wholesome food in schools. He says they need to do something about all the junk food in vending machines in schools. Harkin says they may not be able to get to the food regulations yet this fall.