Police in Cedar Rapids say no charges will be filed against the owner of four dead dogs discovered in a lake. The dogs were found Monday evening wrapped in plastic bags along the shore of Cedar Lake.

Cedar Rapids Animal Control officers say the bags appeared to contain a boxer, two possible pit bulls and one dog of unknown breed. The dogs did not have tags, owner identifying marks or microchips.

Authorities say there were no obvious or apparent injuries to the dogs that led to their death. Animal Contol located the owner, who’s name is not being released, after following up on tips. The owner said the dogs died from illnesses and he admitted disposing of them in Cedar Lake. Cedar Rapids Police say, although the lake is an improper place to dispose of dead dogs, no charges will be filed at this time.

A press release from Cedar Rapids Police says local residents can dispose of a deceased pet by placing it in a black garbage bag and placing it in their own dumpster.