A Dubuque man, who is accused in the death of his friend earlier this month, is now charged with first-degree murder. The Dubuque County Attorney’s office filed the murder charge against 40-year-old Michael Mayton.

He is accused of stabbing 38-year-old David Tate in the chest on August 15th. Tate died from his injuries. Mayton is also charged with attempted murder for stabbing 23-year-old Richard Schramm, Junior, who remains hospitalized in stable condition.

According to a police report, Mayton and his friends were attacked by a group of people from Schramm’s house. Witnesses said the fight involved people throwing beer bottles and hitting each other with snow shovels. Mayton told police he grabbed a knife from his home, but didn’t remember stabbing anyone. He is being held in the Dubuque County Jail under $100,000 bond.