The latest Manpower survey shows the outlook for employers has leveled off. Manpower spokesman Mike Lynch says there’s not much movement.

Lynch says starting in Des Moines, 12% plan on increasing employment and 12%plan on decreasing employment. The rest of the state is the same, with Cedar Rapids looking at a seven-percent increase in hiring and the Quad Cities are looking at a decrease, while the Omaha-Council Bluffs are is looking at an increase.

Lynch says there are a few areas that show optimism. He says manufacturing looks like it is picking up as does the financial services industry, leisure and hospitality and government. Lynch says while there’s positive news that things appear to be holding steady, the Iowa job situation is the prime example of the so-called “jobless recovery.”

Lynch says that seems to be the consensus, that people are not going to ramp up hiring in anticipation of the need, they are going to wait until the need is there and then start hiring. He says that means the economy could continue improving, but the hiring will take time to catch up.