Elvin Redmond

Elvin Redmond

The man who is accused of running over a Des Moines cop with his pickup truck is now facing a long list of charges. Radio Police say 37-year-old Elvin Redmond drove directly over Officer Nick Lloyd’s head and body Sunday afternoon outside an apartment complex on the city’s southeast side.

Lloyd and fellow Officer Jason Noble encountered Redmond after responding to the report of a man beating up two women. Des Moines Police Sergeant Lori Lavorato says several people saw Redmond ram his pickup into the squad car and then drive over Lloyd when the officer was knocked to the ground.

Hear officer Noble’s radio call about the incident here: Officer Noble’s radio call :10 MP3

“It was just chilling what they were describing…watching this happen,” Lavorato said of the witness statements to investigators. “A couple of them were pretty shook up…they couldn’t believe this guy would intentionally try to kill a police officer with his vehicle.”

Charges filed this morning (Monday) against Redmond include attempted murder, assault on a police officer, possession of narcotics and drunken driving. Officer Lloyd was flown to an Omaha hospital with a broken pelvis and teeth.

Hear officer Lloyd’s radio call on the incident here: Officer Lloyd’s radio call. :09 MP3

“Nick’s a very happy-go-lucky guy and he finds humor in everything,” Lavorato said. “So, he’s probably in a huge amount of pain, but he’s probably trying to make other people laugh while he’s lying on the hospital bed.” Redmond has a lengthy criminal history. Court records show he pleaded guilty to assault on a police officer in 2002.