A mobile video game arcade will soon be available to offer Iowans a new concept in entertainment. Whether you’re into Halo, Grand Theft Auto or virtually anything else offered on X-Box, PlayStation 3 or Nintendo Wii, the GameTruck can bring them to your driveway, along with a place to play on several giant plasma TVs. Brad Taylor is building Iowa’s first GameTruck. “It’s a standard trailer, about 30 feet long,” Taylor says. “Inside, are leather couches along one wall. It’s all carpeted. It’s like a rolling man cave.”

Taylor says it’s being built to accommodate up to 16 players at once. “We have a complete library of games, all of the popular games,” Taylor says. “We’ll have Rock Band, we’ll have Guitar Hero. In the corner, will be a full drum kit set up so whoever wants to play drums can play the drums.” Taylor, who works with computers for his day job, says this GameTruck concept has worked in several big American cities and he thinks Iowans will take to it as well. It’s a self-contained unit, with its own power generator. He plans to be hiring it out for birthday parties, schools, churches, fundraisers and corporate events.

“One of the knocks against video games is they tend to be socially isolating, you’re down in your basement playing video games all day and you’re not really interacting with anybody,” Taylor says. “With the game truck, there’s 16 people on board, you and 15 of your buddies, and you can all be playing Halo or Call of Duty together.” Taylor says the GameTruck will be based in West Des Moines but he’ll be able to drive it virtually anywhere in the state — for a price.

“If you want to have a two-hour weekend party, it runs $295, additional hours are $95 an hour,” Taylor says. “During the mid-week, Monday through Thursday, we do offer a discount.” Taylor’s taking reservations now for parties starting December 1st. For details, visit www.gametruckparty.com.