The 11th ranked Iowa Hawkeyes will try to stay unbeaten when they visit Wisconsin in the Big Ten. The Badgers suffered their first loss a week ago at Ohio State . John Clay leads the Badger’s power ground attack that averages just over 200 yards per game. Iowa coach Kirk Ferentz says it seems like Wisconsin is leading the conference in rushing every year and that’s why they are always good.

As an outsider looking in, he says the Badgers are probably a little more comfortable with their passing attack this year. Ferentz says senior quarterback Scott Tolzien gives the offense more balance, and is a winner. He says the Wisconsin coaches have to be really pleased with the way Tolzien is playing.

The Badgers have won 23 of their last 25 games at home. Ferentz says a record like that means it’s a tough place to play, but more importantly it’s a good team that you are playing. Ferentz says they’ve already played in a tough environment, and can handle that, the main thing is being able to handle the Badgers.