The president of Grinnell College says a move to a new athletic conference by the school is not imminent. Grinnell is one of 14 schools that make up the Associated Colleges of the Midwest and one of agenda items at a recent meeting of the presidents was the possible creation of a new NCAA division three athletics conference.

Grinnell is currently a member of the Midwest Conference. Grinnell College president Russell K. Osgood says the ACM presidents have talked about a better way to organize themselves athletically for about five years, but he says it is really too early to say anything would happen. He says their is no plan in place for a new league. Osgood says they like the league, but would like to travel a little less, and would also love to be in the league with Cornell, Coe and Luther.

He says to change or reorganize a conference is an incredibly rare thing to occur.

Contributed John Martenson KGRN Grinnell