Van in pond.

Van in pond.

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There was a dramatic rescue in Marion County this morning just east of Knoxville. Marion County Sheriff Ron Goematt says a van with a female driver lost control at an intersection and slid into a pond.

According to the sheriff, a passing vehicle stopped and the as yet unidentified driver worked to free the woman from the vehicle.

Employees from the nearby Mid-American office saw the rescue begin and rushed to assist with ropes. The rescuer freed the woman from the vehicle by breaking a window with a tire iron. As soon as the woman was pulled from the car, it sank. Mid-American employees pulled the woman and her rescuer to shore with ropes.

The woman was transported to Knoxville Hospital and Clinics and her name and condition has not been released. One rescuer was also transported. His name and condition has also not been released.

The woman has been identified as Kathleen VanStenwyk. She was taken to the Knoxville hospital and treated and released. One rescuer, Tony Gerdom, was also taken to the hospital, treated and released. 

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This story contributed by KNIA/KRLS radio in Knoxville/Pella