A spokesperson for the Iowa Department of Transportation says some challenges remain today as people get out and on the roadways following the storm. Dena Gray-Fisher says the massive snow drifts are the biggest problem now and motorists should remain cautious.

“The state highway system is going to be in pretty good shape that you’ll have some mobility to get around. It may not be as wide of lanes as you’re used to and we’ll have to get some of the shoulder still cleaned up but there’s still some concern about the rural roads,” Gray-Fisher says.

The D.O.T. had Highway Assistance Teams with National Guard troops on hand during the storm, but she says the teams have now been sent home. She says they’ll go back to normal operations, things that will happen, you call 9-1-1 and state patrol or your local law enforcement would assist.

Gray-Fisher says the D.O.T.’s big blowers are arriving today which will be used to clear out the big snow drifts. For updated road conditions dial 5-1-1 or visit 511ia.com.