The Iowa Propane Gas Association is asking customers to help clear away snow so that trucks can get in to deliver the fuel. Association executive director says customers should clear driveways and also the tank area. She says you should clear the walkway to the tank and the tank area so they can get to the tank.

Grooms says the cold weather has led to more propane use, so also check your fuel level. She says with the weather warming a bit, it’s a good time to be sure the snow hasn’t blown in where it shouldn’t be. Grooms says check appliance vents, and flues to be sure they are clear. She says this is especially important for mobile homes, and use a broom instead of a shovel to avoid any damage. Census Bureau estimates show approximately 14% of Iowans use propane for heat.

Propane has been in high demand for drying crops this fall and that led to some supply problems. Grooms says the supplies don’t seem to be an issue now. Grooms says the whole country has been cold, so the supply has gone down. But she says the supply problem they had was the pipelines couldn’t keep up with the demand.

A proclamation was issued to allow drivers to work longer hours to meet the demand, and she says that will be the case through January 17th. Grooms says if customers can help clear a path, that will alleviate the problems of getting the trucks in to deliver the fuel.