Governor Chet Culver says he “would support” a ban on texting while driving.  Cell phones and other devices can be used to send electronic “text messages,” but safety advocates say those who text while driving are endangering themselves and other drivers.  Culver predicts legislators will consider a bill which would ban texting while driving.

“Anything we can do that’s reasonable and makes sense in terms of increasing public safety is a good idea,” Culver says.  “The facts are there in terms of the consequences of distracted driving.” 

Culver says some statistics indicate many accidents involving younger drivers may have been caused by the distraction of reading or sending text messages.

“We cannot encourage distracted driving,” Culver says.  “We should do all we can to prevent it.”

Culver, though, says he’s “focused on job creation and job retention” and a ban on texting while driving isn’t a “front-burner” issue.  And, while other states have banned cell phone use altogether in a moving vehicle, Culver’s not yet going that far.

“My point today is that I support the concept of doing more to limit distracted driving and increase public safety.  How we get there exactly will be  unclear,” Culver says.  “But I think the statistics really back up the fact that there are a lot of dangers and a lot of risks associated with distracted driving and I think it’s likely there will be some consensus, enough consenses to get a bill done this session.”

Culver made his comments during and immediately after this morning’s taping of the Iowa Public Television program, “Iowa Press” which will tonight at 7:30.