The National Weather Service outlook for spring flooding says there’s a risk for significant flooding in Iowa, and that’s prompted a reminder from FEMA about flood insurance. FEMA spokesperson, Denise Everhart says it’s important to be sure you’re covered. Everhart says her advice is to check your homeowners insurance and see if you have flood coverage, as she says most policies don’t cover flooding.

“If you don’t have flood insurance, there is a waiting period, and now is the time to buy it, before it starts raining,” Everhart says. There is a 30-day period before the flood insurance becomes effective, so you would need to purchase it soon to be covered by spring. Everhart says you should explore your risk, even if you have not experienced flooding in the past.

“Everybody lives in a flood zone, it can flood anywhere,” she says. Everhart says you can go to the website “” and put in your address and see what your flood risk is. Everhart says signing up for flood insurance is easy.

She says the flood insurance is FEMA’s program, but it is sold through your local agent. You can also go to to find an agent who will sell you flood insurance. Everhart says the cost of the insurance varies depending on how much you purchase and what is covered.